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Schedule a meeting online via MySuccess.

Need help scheduling? Call us at (231) 995-1035 or email sfs@tmorrellguttersandroofing.com.

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Enrollment Services

Admissions, records and registration, financial aid and payment options.

Tanis Building main level (#5 on the Front Street Campus Map)
Phone: (231) 995-1035
Email: sfs@tmorrellguttersandroofing.com

Office Hours

Monday: 8 a.m.–7 p.m.
Tuesday–Friday: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Phone and virtual appointments by request!

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Learn more about how to resolve disputes and find contact information for filing a complaint here.

Types of Financial Aid

Scholarships & Grants

Money you usually don't have to pay back


Money you earn to help pay for educational expenses



Money you have to pay back


Financial Aid Staff

For the quickest response, call the Enrollment Services Office at (231) 995-1035.

Linda Berlin — Director of Financial Aid
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1533
Office: Tanis Building
Judy Arnold — Financial Aid Specialist
Phone: +1 (231) 995-2101
Office: Tanis Building
Skylar Berry — Financial Aid Specialist
Phone: +1 (231) 995-2108
Office: Tanis Building
Jim Patterson — Enrollment Services Specialist
Phone: +1 (231) 995-2113
Office: Tanis Building
Paige Sansonetti — Financial Aid Specialist
Phone: +1 (231) 995-2140
Office: Tanis Building

Student Services Staff

Lisa Eiden — Director of Student Financial Services
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1542
Office: Tanis Building
Laurel Forton — Lead Accounting Assistant
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1584
Office: Tanis Building
Josh Mills — Lead Accounting Assistant
Phone: +1 (231) 995-2118
Office: Tanis Building
Maria Manuel — Supplemental - Enrollment Services Assistant
Office: Tanis Building
Amy Posnik-Miller — Supplemental - Enrollment Services Assistant
Phone: +1 (231) 995-1049
Office: Tanis Building

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Emergency Assistance

For students experiencing hardships during their time at 澳门赌场.

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